1986 «Precious moments tour»

After 6 weeks of rehearsals with his band in early 1986, Jermaine started his first solo tour called the «Precious moments tour». From the month of March until september 14.

The tour was produced by Jermaine, and the technical production work provided by

Allied artists concert production.

The tour was composed of 23 dates throughout the United States and Canada, including :

- the Universal Amphitheatre in L.A, (Michael Jackson attended the concert)

- the  Holiday star theatre in Merrillville (Indiana)

- Miller sound express, New Orleans

- Boston common, in Boston on july 10 (Whitney Houston attended the concert)

-and the Apollo theatre in New-York, where Jermaine

came back on the 08/31/86, seventeen years after his first performance there with the Jackson 5.

Concert Set-list (as on our master recording):

Tell me I’m not dreamin’

Come to me (one way or another)

Jermaine’s monologue, talking about J5

I’ll be there

( Medley)

- I want you back


- The love you save

- Never can say goodbye

Feelin’ free

Let’s get serious

Do what you do

Daddy’s home (Special guest Rick James)

I think it’s love 

Jonathan «sugar foot» Moffet (Michael Jackson’s and Jacksons drummer), was Jermaine’s drummer on this tour, and was also his musical director and band leader.

J.Moffet has been discovered few years earlier by Jermaine.

(«Sugar foot» at a soundcheck during the Precious moments tour)

    * Jermaine on stage with his band, during the tour

       at Holiday Star Theatre (IN) on july 27th 1986, for

       a SOLD OUT peformance (Photo: All Rights Reserved)

                                                                                                 * A jacket of the «Precious Moments» tour

                                                                                                    worn by staff

                                                                                                    (Photo source: internet)

    * Whitney Houston arriving at Boston common

       for Jermaine’s concert

       (Photo source: internet)